Dotpeenator Peen/Cartridge Kits

The vast variety of Peen-Cartridge Kits to offer for different marking applications, including "Deep Marking", Shallow Marking", "Uneven Surface Marking", "Even Surface Marking", "Dot By Dot Marking", etc.

Peen-Cartridge Assembly Tools for Dotpeenator Dot Peen Marking Machines

Peen-Cartridge Kits for Dotpeenator Dot Peen Marking Machines

        It is very important whether the dot-peen marking machines are made of aluminum or sheet metal, as well as what kind of structures are supported. The dedicated peen-cartridge assembly kits that work perfectly in accordance with the Dotpeenator marking software and control cards are specially designed and built by our R&D team to fully utilize the limits of the Dotpeenator series of dot peen marking machines. Our dot peen assembly kits consist of specially made steel cartridges with low-wear capability, peens in 83HRC hardness and specially designed springs.

        Dotpeenator peen-cartridge assembly kits find their places in the following segments.

1 - Pneumatic high speed and precision YH series marking tools 
2- Pneumatic high course and surface tolerance YT series marking tools 
YT123P, YT188P 
3- Electrical E series marking tools 
E3P, E4P

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