Machine Stamps / Engraved Dies

Based On The Customer Requests, Custom-Made Machine Stamps or Engraved Dies are Manufactured.

They are present in almost infinite variety with totally different and purpose-oriented characteristics. Whether as a press die for integration into manual, pneumatic or hydraulic presses, as steel types for the use in corresponding type holders, as roll-on stamps with segment types, wheel stamps for lathe or double embossing stamp for metal sheet marking: The variety of possibilities is nearly unlimited!

The manufacture of the machine stamps that you require takes place exactly according to your guidelines (sketch, sample or drawing). They are manufactured from all the commonly used materials and special steel, which provides high durability and strength, including heat treatment.

Metal Stamps / Engraved Dies

Metal Stamps / Engraved Dies

Metal stamps, engraved dies are produced by using heat treatment steels according to the drawings an..

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