Laser Welding

Laser Welding is a 
welding technique used to stick pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a laser beam at different wavelengths. The beam supplies a focused heat source, allowing for narrow, deep welds and high welding ratios. The process is frequently used in high volume and more quality requiring applications using automation, such as in the automotive industry. It is based on keyhole or penetration mode welding.

Laser Welding Types

  • Desktop Laser Welding Machines
  • Kalıpçı Zemin Üstü Lazer Kaynak Makinaları
  • OEM Laser Welding Power Sources
  • Work Stations For Multi-Axis Welding
  • Laser Welding Robots
  • Remote Welding Robots

Laser Welding Technologies

  • Gas Lasers
  • Solid State Lasers
  • Diode Lasers

Laser Welding Techniques

  • Laser Seam Welding
  • Laser Spot Welding
  • Laser Direct Welding

Laser spot welding, laser seam welding, and direct welding are highly useful and slightly differing applications of laser welding technology. Laser spot and seam welding refer to welding functions applied to a single point or along a line. By setting a laser welding system to high speed and extremely narrow weld geometry, the laser welder can produce extremely fine spot welding. Also, you can adjust the system to weld on continuous wave mode, welding with several kilowatts of power. The ideal laser speed for laser spot or seam welding projects varies according to the particular laser model, the laser power setting, and the material being laser welded.

Laserator WELDY 200/300 Desktop Laser Welding Machine

Laserator WELDY 200/300 Desktop Laser Welding Machine

smt-series Laserator™ WELDY 200/300 Desktop 1064nm YAG Laser Welding Machine The heat affe..

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