Laserator Class-I On-The-Floor Laser Machining Systems

On-The-Floor Fiber Laser Processing Centers are Granite and Steel Structured Laser Process Centers that can be configured with down to 0.0005 Micron Precision Axes.

    Laserator Class-1 Laser Machining Centers designed for 2D or 3D marking/engraving processes are equipped with heavy steel construction body structure, granite work table, granite columns. The granite axes of our laser processing centers, weights of which vary between 1.2 and 1.5 tons, are processed with surface precision at AA and AAA grades according to DIN Standards. Positioning and Repetition Precision can be adjusted within a scale from 0.02mm to 0.0005mm according to customer requirements and wishes. In all the axes, step motors and hybrid step drivers as alternatives to servo motors, linear motors, linear encoders can be used according to budget and demands. Air conditioning units are used within the automation panels for servo motors, drivers, etc. During the assembly of all the axes, our LASER INTERFEROMETER EQUIPMENT is used which can make measurements with the accuracy of 0.000001mm. Consequently, the measurements and calibrations of the most important main components of our machines, such as 'Rightness', 'Parallelism', 'Squareness', 'Flatness', 'Linearity', are completed by SERMATEK engineers in approximately 3 days.

    Our Laser Machining Centers can be equipped with 50W, 60W, 70W, 90W, 100W, 120W, 150W and 200W according to customer needs.

    Both Laserator 2 and 3 axis galvanometer scanning heads can be equipped on to Laserator Fiber Laser Machining Centers. In our models with 2 axis scanning heads, the working areas are X = 900, Y = 600, Z = 600MM. The models equipped with 3 axis scanning heads vary according to the selected axial motor type and the desired precision. Without the lens, our Laserator 3D Scan Head gives you 90X90MM at the min and 300X300MM Laser Marking Area at max focal lengths.

    Our fiber laser machining centers can be equipped with optional equipment with repositioning systems, external cameras, QR code, and bar code readers and software, warning lamps, Innerside LED lighting systems, XY axis jog sticks/joysticks, exhaust emission systems, depth measuring systems, 3-dimensional reverse engineering laser scanning systems.

Some Usage Areas of Laser Machining Centers

  • Micro Molds For Coins, Madolyons
  • Micro Ingot Molds
  • Mold Patterning For Spoon, Fork, Knife, etc.
  • Shoe Sole Mold Patterning
  • Gun / Rifle 3D Engraving
  • Patterning Micro Plastic Injection Molds (Plastic Belt, etc.)
  • Wide Area Laser Marking / Engraving
  • Multi-Parts Laser Marking / Carving

Laserator TUWANA 3D Laser Work Station

Laserator TUWANA 3D Laser Work Station

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Laserator TUWANA XYZ Laser Work Station

Laserator TUWANA XYZ Laser Work Station

Laserator 2D, 2.5D and 3D Laser SoftwarePackages for Laser Machinings  Laserator laser mar..

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